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Chris (aka- Moose)
Chris (aka- Moose), Technician
Category: Lincoln
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Lincoln Continental: . I'm actually looking on

Customer Question

Hello. I'm actually looking for info on a 2000 Lincoln continental. Specifically a small pipe next to the front right wheel pylon that's marked "C117." I recently had it worked on and it appears they left the cap off, and I'm wondering what it does?
This may be unrelated to what's above, but the car is giving me "check steering assist" and "check traction control" errors, the radio is cutting off and on and it seems to be straining while idling, and the last time I turned it off (about an hour ago), it wouldn't turn back on, just clicks. Seems like a dead battery but just had the battery replaced and all systems checked out at dealer.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Lincoln
Expert:  Chris (aka- Moose) replied 2 years ago.
Hello, I'm Chris. Thanks for seeking us for help.
Can you attach a picture of this pipe?
Have you had it scanned to see which codes are stored?
For the clicking issue that is likely to be the battery dead or the connections poor. A good battery should show 12.6 volts. try a jump start. Once running the voltage for a battery being charged should be 13-15 volts.
It may take me 1-2-3-etc... responses to get the information I need resulting in giving you the answer you need. I'm not there to see, smell, feel, or hear so I need good information/explanations to return a good answer. My normal hours online are 3pm-3am. There are 2 services your receiving 1: from Just Answer whom has already collected the deposit/question value 2: from me (not an employee of the website & I have no control over anything except what I type.) You will be asked to RATE THE SERVICE, your rating me, my response, not the website, rating has no effect on your payment, and it DOES NOT close the post. A rating IS REQUIRED, if you can't complete the required rating today, let me know why so I can get you exactly what's needed.
Thanks Chris
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Hello.I found the pipe on a schematic on the internet and it was marked C117. Couldn't find any more information than that.I tried to crank the car again about an hour later and it started right up. I did a quick "test drive" to the store and on the way back the exact same thing happened again. The steering assist went out. If I'd continued to drive it the traction control would have cut out and the radio would have started to intermittently cut off and then pop back on a few seconds later. Any idea what's going on? I should be taking it in tomorrow (Monday morning) to the dealer who just did major work on the power steering and a few other systems three weeks ago, including replacing the battery. Thanks very much for your help. Look forward to hearing from you...
Expert:  Chris (aka- Moose) replied 2 years ago.
Is there a valve inside that pipe, if so that looks like the AC charge port. Can you follow the line to see if it goes to the AC drier, or evaporator or compressor?
For me to accurately diagnose the warning lights on, I would need a code. I can make an educated guess but odds are I would be wrong since there are just way to many possible causes for those warning lights.