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Lincoln Town Car Cartier: My 2003 Lincoln TC engine cooling

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My 2003 Lincoln TC engine cooling fan failed resulting in overheat of my air intake. I now have to replace the air intake manifold (too warped for gasket replacement) and a new electric fan and thermostat (minimum). Are there any other options?
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The price they gave you is about right for dealer pricing but a cheaper option would be to have your local repair shop do the work instead of the dealer. They make a very good replacement manifold aftermarket that sells for about half the price of the OE Ford unit and is just as good. As for the fan assembly, I would stick with the OE factory unit. See the link below for the manifold. The labor to remove and replace it runs right at 4.3 hour. The labor to replace the cooling fan runs right at one hour and the Fan assembly Runs $397.00

If you are fairly handy and can do this repair your self, I can supply you with instructions for doing so. Let me know.
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.



Thanks for your prompt response. I thought this sounded a bit high on the cost scale. I do need my car back and running as it was! I am going to check with the other shops and see if they can work my car into their schedule. Breakdowns always happen on a holiday weekend.


I wish I could do this repair. I am just going to make sure it gets done right. This car has a few miles left in it.


I am going to check out the link that you sent. That should be helpful if there is a part issue for this repair.


Thanks again. I will use this service again!


Have a Great day!


Most shops labor rates are much cheaper that the dealer and this is a fairly simple repair that any good shop can do for you and you will save a bundle doing it this way. Ford unfortunately has just become way to pricey on the pricing.