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Category: Lincoln
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Ford (Lincoln) MKT: 2010 Lincoln MKT Ecco Boost AWDWhile

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2010 Lincoln MKT Ecco Boost AWD

While driving the motor and the brakes shut down (turn off)

This has occurred on four separate occasions.

At the moment I consider it undrivable.

P.S. After several minutes it returns to normal.


We should start with checking for any stored trouble codes in the vehicle. Many parts stores will scan vehicles for free. If the engine stalls you will loose power brakes in most vehicles because they use engine vacuum. You might have a throttle issues causing it to stall. These have electronic controlled throttle body assemblies and many times they have trouble from carbon build up. Let me know what repairs or maintenance has been done and how many miles.

There is a bulletin for the throttle body with some codes. You could try to clean the throttle body if there are codes related, sometimes this will fix the stalling. I use a soft pipe brush or rag and spray throttle cleaner into the throttle bore and clean the bore and the throttle plate.

lets start here

let me know what you find

good luck

Customer: replied 4 years ago.



THANK YOU for your efforts in analizing my car problem.

Two questions:

1. Why do the brakes not fail when you turn off the engine

in the normal manner?

2. How can I determine if the solution is successful without

driving the car and risking my "everloving life" ?

When the engine is shut off on purpose there will be vacuum in the booster. that will allow the brakes to have assist for one or two times until the vacuum is used up. to be sure with the stalling and fix we would need to confirm the cause with a scanner and or see live data to confirm any suspicion. thank you
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thanks again!


In your answer you write "see live data to confirm any



Please explain what you mean by this - perhaps an example.


I appreciate all your efforts.

I am sorry. i mean using a scanner i would try to confirm the cause of stalling by watching live data. Sometimes it is hard to catch what sensor or component is the cause but the fault leaves codes. i would try the throttle cleaning
you are welcome

With vehicles as advanced as your vehicle diagnostic equipment is very important. If a sensor is failing ,dirty it could cause the engine to stall. I did see a dirty MAF sensor cause a stall, air filter was changed and a small feather jammed into the sensor.

let me know what you find

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