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Lincoln LS: The location of the Air Condition expansion valve

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The location of the Air Condition expansion valve on an 03 Lincoln LS V8 and how to get to it?

Hi I would like to help you out. The expansion valve is located at the firewall on the inside. This is the block where the a/c lines under the hood are attaching to the firewall. In order to replace the expansion valve the dash will need to be removed from the vehicle, then the evap/heater core housing, then the expansion valve. This is about an 8-9 hour job for a professional. Below I ve attached instructions on how to remove all this and pictures are in instructions. Thanks


Attachment: 2012-07-10_140158_instrumentpanel.pdf


Attachment: 2012-07-10_140217_evapcorehousing.pdf


Attachment: 2012-07-10_140240_txv.pdf

Mat and other Lincoln Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Thank you for the information, it was complete and I am very satisfied with the answer and with the information. The information mentioned physical evidence of contamination from a failed A/C compressor. I am a little puzzle concerning this. Where do I find the physical evicence? I may not need to do all of this. I did replace the compressor and Filter Drier.

Well basically all you can do at this point if not replacing it yet would be to evac the freon from the system. Then remove the two lines from the expansion valve under the hood and look inside of it for any contamination or debris. I have had to personally do a few of these on ls vehicles but we do see expansion valves get stuck on other vehicles as well.

Mat and other Lincoln Specialists are ready to help you