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Chris (aka- Moose)
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2006 lincoln mark lt: acts..gas or not getting fuel..same problem..tps

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2006 lincoln mark lt---died while driving -still runs but acts like water in gas or not getting fuel---sometimes ok --but only for maybe 30 seconds then same problem---have replaced tps --seem to be a little better--but no where near correct

Hi, I’m Chris. Welcome and thanks for asking your question!


What are the current miles on the vehicle?

Are any warning lights or messages coming up or flashing?

Did it die while at a stop sign or red light or while driving down the highway?


Customer: replied 5 years ago.

108000 miles

no warnings

died while driving aprox 50 mph

Have you replaced anything other than the TPS?

Have you completed the 100k tune up?

Does the truck buck and jump like it randomly gets the hiccups?



Customer: replied 5 years ago.




just acts like fuel starvation or water in fuel to me


Can you better define the feeling you get when it "just acts like fuel starvation or water in fuel to me" I believe then I will be able to pinpoint this.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
when i get it to run normal it runs good for maybe 30 seconds--then rpms drop off --and pumping gas pedal does nothing---it just goes to low idel like maybe 300 rpms and rough like it has water in fuel--turn off and restart aprox 4 or 5 times then it acts normal for about 30 seconds again--then same thing

Thanks so much for all the useful information you have posted to help me help you


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Thanks Chris


I suggest you start by checking your fuel pressure and changing the fuel filter. your pressure should be 28psi minimum while running. You check the pressure by hooking up a gauge and hose to the test port on the fuel injector rail. I also suggest you purge some fuel, at least a quart into a glass jar to have a sample to check for contamination.


if everything checks out with the fuel then I suggest you clean the throttle body and reset the PCM. Disconnect the air intake tube and remove the air filter housing. Now have a helper with the key on hold full throttle while you clean the throttle body with a tooth brush and brake cleaner. The spray clean the MAF sensor as well. Reassemble and start the truck and let it run for 1 minute. Then remove the negative battery cable for 10 minutes to reset the computer.


If the results are still not good then its time to install new motorcraft plugs since your past due. If results persist, then its time to get it checked with a scan tool.


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