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2002 Lincoln LS: V8..Cooling fan assembly was leaking hydraulic fluid.

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I have a 2002 Lincoln LS V8. Has 90000 miles. Cooling fan assembly was leaking hydraulic fluid. Fan assembly was replaced. Mechanic put power steering fluid in for hydraulic fluid after replacing fan assembly. Worked OK for a few hundred miles. Pump for fan assembly started leaking hydraulic fluid. Pump was replaced. Dextron III was put in for hydraulic fluid. Worked OK for a few hundred miles. Fan completely quit working. If the engine was revved up, the fan would turn but not at a rate that would allow cooling. New pump was installed with Dextron III for hydraulic fluid. Fan ran fine for 2 HOURS. Fan completely quit running. I gave it a little push with a stick and it began running but at a much slower speed than I know it previously ran when working well. Now it is barely working and car cooling system heats up after only a few miles of city driving. No previous problems with cooling system. Car has been well maintained and has had no other cooling or engine problems. HELP!
Hello and thanks for your question.

It needs to be determined if the PCM is grounding the actuator solenoid that is mounted to the back side of the pump. The PCM sends a pulsewidth modulated ground to the brown wire on the solenoid connector to open the solenoid and allow pressure to flow to the fan. If there is no ground present at this wire then a scanner will be needed to monitor engine coolant temp input to the PCM. If there is ground present then verify power on the green yellow wire. If good power then ground the brown wire and see if the fan runs on high. If it does not then the solenoid will need to be replaced. If it does then either the PCM is not commanding the actuator because of an incorrect temperature input or there is an issue with the wire between the actuator and the PCM. The PCM should also ground this wire with the A/C on.
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