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Lincoln LS: V8..000 miles..etc failsafe and check engine light came on

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2004 Lincoln LS V8 102,000 miles, ETC failsafe mode and no start (engine cranks) cooling fans blowing full blast with ignition on.

Problem started with engine missing, followed by a check fuel cap light (installed new fuel cap) and then went into ETC failsafe and check engine light came on. turned engine off and restarted, drove 7 miles home and turned off engine. a restart immediately thew ETC failsafe and car would die at idle, DIC displays traction control error, check parking brake, check fuel cap and of course ETC failsafe mode. THEN the fun started, the car would no longer start and as soon as i turned the ignition on (not cranking the engine) the car went into ETC failsafe and would not start but will turn over. it did sputter when starting fluid was introduced into throttle body. the fuel rail does have 47 PSI according to scanner.

whenever the ignition is turned on, the throttle plate is driven hard to the stop and binds for about one second and that is when ETC failsafe occurs. occasionally when turning the ignition on, it doesnt immediately go into failsafe but about 25 seconds later it does. when it isnt in failsafe, i can control the throttle with the accelerator.

the initial codes were: 0606, 1233, 1235, 2107, 2106 but there seems to be different codes every time i pull them.

things done so far:
1. put new coil in #4, no change so i walked the coil all the way around with no changes each time.
2. installed new TPS, no change.
3. installed new battery as old battery was discharged due to fans running full blast while getting codes with scanner.
4. installed new spark plugs, no change
5. cleaned wiring harness plugs on TPS, throttle servo and PCM, no change.
6. removed PCM and checked solder joints on PCB where harness connects, no change.
7. checked fuses in engine compartment and passenger kick panel, all good.
8. cleaned MAF with MAF cleaner and cleaned throttle body with appropriate cleaner, no change.

is this indicative of a PCM failure? can someone provide the appropriate voltage drop test procedures for my PCM if that is in question?

last thing, i do have 8 new visteon coils on the way for good measure if i can ever get this turd back running.

That is typically the case when the cooling fans are on full blast, typically if it is real bad you can see or smell a burn mark or spot in the PCM itself.You would have to check the power and grounds to the pcm itself to be sure nothing is causing a voltage drop or short to power or ground where you should have battery power and ground. P0606 Indicates an interal PCM failure as described by the trouble code desciption.Indicates register readback error(PCM Internal Communications fault).Suggestions the PCM is damaged or defective and also states that for ETC applications that a PCM failure or a Failure Management mode condition exists.


P1233 says the PCM isnt getting a fuel level siganl from the REM module which can also be attributed to the PCM internal communciations fault, if the pcm can think,it wont recognize outside multiplexed inputs.


You would need to make sure the electronic throttle body itself isnt shorted out internally.You can disconnect the throttle body tps and actuator connector and see if the other codes go away,indicating a fault with the throttle body actuator itself which do go bad, but it sounds like the control portion for the ETC in the PCM is at fault. A test of the wiring between the ETC and the PCM to check for short to ground,power or open circuits would need to be done to rule out a wiring issue. Possibly a coil spiking or high altenator output can cause the pcm to fail. Below are the PCM connectors to check for B+ power and ground and identifies the circuits for the ETC system. Sounds like a bad PCM pretty much.






Sorry The site is giving me trouble uploading the rest of the images if you need detailed images of the pcm circuits Ill have to upload them tomorrow just let me know
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
this information is exactly what I'm looking for, i have the service manual but i don't have the Powertrain Control/Emissions Diagnosis manual so if you can upload the details that would be great, I've just paid for a 72 hour sub to helms online manual for the PC/ED but still haven't received it.

i just need detailed instruction on which plug and what color wire to do the voltage drop test or whatever they call for.

as you have read in the main question, my car is dead in the water in my driveway and i don't want to have it towed to the dealer until i know i have to get a PCM and reflash. the plan is that if the PCM is bad ill send it off to AES to get repaired, then have it reflashed at the dealer if it needs it.

hope to hear from you soon




















Customer: replied 5 years ago.
okay thanks, XXXXX XXXXX an aircraft mechanic and we don't have very many computers except for the avionics so what procedure do you use? check for shorts on the signal wires with engine off using ohmmeter? or do voltage drop check KOEO on ground wires? sorry, the military birds i work use minimal electronics on their engines :)
An ohm meter is good for checking the continuity of circuits but the best thing to do is a voltage drop from one end of the circuit to the other by measuring voltage and also installin a bulb and load testing the circuits. If the bulb wont light you have a bad ground etc.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Okay, before I begin checking the wires I unplugged the TPS and throttle servo, the codes are as follows:
0122 throttle petal position A circuit low,
0223 throttle petal position B circuit high,
0606 PCM,
1233 fuel pump driver disabled,
1235 fuel pump control out of range,
2100 throttle actuator motor open,
2104 throttle forced idle,
2107 throttle actuator control processor,
2110 throttle actuator control forced limited rpm,
2135 throttle petal position sensor switch A/B voltage correlation.

So according to your post earlier, is it safe to take the throttle body out of the troubleshooting loop?

I'll be checking wires in the meantime.
Yes because the P0606 code is still present saying the ETC section of the PCM is cooked.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
okay, i checked PCM ground wires on the 58 pin plug diagram C175b, voltage drop test with one lead to negative terminal of battery and other to wire at back of plug:
PIN 24 = .01 volts
PIN 25 = .01 volts
PIN 26 = .01 volts
PIN 27 = .01 volts
PIN 43 = .01 volts
good right?
is there any other pins i need to check? you mentioned something about B+ power, which one is that?
Yes thats all good, B+ is just an acronym for battery voltage or VPWR which is the same thing those pins should have battery voltage withing about a half a volt or so measured across the harness to the pcmpins
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
So am I done? Should I send the PCM in for repair?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Which other pins do I need to check? are you saying to check the ground pins with the harness unplugged and meter across the pins?
Yes you can test all ground circuit labeled ground and all B+ circuit across each other to test the power and ground circuits thats all you have to do, the rest is all output control of the pcm, the pcm is just a big ground box it primarily send out ground for controlling output componets such as the coils and injectors. It will also send out VREF voltage referance voltages for certain sensors which is a 5 volt vref signal. primarily you are concerned about powers and grounds it sounds like this pcm is smoked. Main thing to check once you get it running again is that the altenator isnt overcharging and of course any other hard fault codes once you install an new pcm which will need to be reflashed, they come blank from parts, you must download the old pcm files if possible or perform an AS Built data install which is all done with a dealer style scan tool, then the vehicle security keys must be reprogrammed doing a Parameter reset of the PATS Passive Anti Theft system just to get it to crank over and run
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I don't see anything labeled B+ nor do I see anything that says power in so please just tell me which pins to check across. Instead of a vague general procedure can you just tell me specifically how to do this last check on this 2004 Lincoln LS? I don't want to guess, just want to isolate the gripe.
first image connector c175b pins 32 & 33 are battery volt in start or run keyt position, pin 44 hot all the time also battery voltage test those pins to ground for battery voltage pretty cut and dry.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
thanks, XXXXX XXXXX I've got 12.64 on 32, 33 and 12.64 on 44. If you concurr that these are good readings for the wirings integrity and that the PCM is bad, please reply and ill close this out and hit accept, i appreciate your help and you definitely know your cars!
Yes I would agree based on your reading, the pcm is getting the proper power and grounded properly. time for a new pcm to be reflashed and installed. I work em everyday still at the dealer been having trouble updating my mini profle to indicate that. let me know how you make out or if you need more help.
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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
okay ill let you know, I'm going to send my PCM in to get repaired since a new one is a little steep. I've already had the PCM out once checking for burns or bad solder joints so ill just take it back out and send it off, thanks again.
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