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2004 navigator: goes down in cold weather..rebuilt

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my 2004 navigator air suspension goes down in cold weather. I live FL and now it has bottomed out. I had a air suspension rebuilt motor put in a year ago. I just changed the fuse. Nothing is working. Any ideas? Is it okay to drive it to see if it warms up it will start to work again?
Hello and welcome to JA, THE SPRING CAPOS ON THE TOP OF THE FRONT AIR SPRINGS ARE PRONE TO CAUISE THIS, ESPECIALLY IN THE COLD WEATHER. When the metal gets cold it shrinks, and allows the air in the spring to escape, once the vehicle warms up, the metal expands a bit, and seals it up..Replace the spring caps.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Sounds good. Thanks I am aware that's what happens but is it easy to replace the spring capos? If so is it costly.


Would it help if I disconnected the battery cable to reset everything or keep warming up the car?


I just recently replaced my windshield wiper motor and this started to happen around the same time, . Do you think maybe the relay switch got wet and is bad.

the spring caps cost $120 each, labor will be about $ available at dealer only...warming up the car is just a band aid on the problem...relay will not cause this concern.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Thank you I will let you know tomorrow. I have someone checking the car tomorrow. Later, Gloria

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I am going to get it checked at 4 pm. Do all of the spring caps (4?) need to be replaced? It sounds like a big job. Am I better off getting it fixed at Lincoln. I will let you know what happens
just replace the spring caps on the air springs that are leaking down, you can only get these parts at a Lincoln dealer, so it is best to have it done there
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I am going to Lincoln today. I will post to you later. I have elimanated the relay switch. The compresser is okay but will not turn on
why do you say the compressor is ok, if it will not turn on?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
When this mechanic test ed the relay the compressor turned on for a few seconds and I guess it blew a fuse. he put in a new relay and fuse and it did not start up. I am concerned that he is not capable. I hope he didn't blow the compressor
ok, here is everything you will ever need to know about the navigator air suspension system...we discussed the spring caps already, so you know about that, the relay, which is located just under the front bumper, behind the right front headlamp, is a solid state relay, this is the relay for the air suspension compressor...the connector for this relay is mounted in such a way that water can collect and corrode the wire terminals, causing a bad connection, which will impede compressor operation. In other words, wiggling the connector will make the compressor come on, the relay needs to be unplugged and the harness checked for corrosion, which will appear as a whitish, greenish powdery substance. If this is the case replace the connector and the relay, as the corrosion will have worked its way into the relay... neither of these will cause only the front or the rear to be low however, it would affect all 4 corners the same. Before you go, did you say only the front is down, or are all 4 corners down?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
the whole car is down before just the front. Lincoln said they will diagnose it for 99.00 i will let u know they said it could be expensive
you will most likely be needing to replace the relay and relay connector, and the front spring caps, this repair will be about $850
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I hope that is all. I am going to pay you the $18.00 no matter what You are worth every penny, thanks so much. I just don't want to lose you yet until I know what is wrong because I need your opinion
ok, no problem, you can accept my answer, and we can still converse back and forth until you close the question.
Davehop and 2 other Lincoln Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
So far Lincoln replaced the compressor took it for a test drive and heard a noise and will let me know on Mon what the problem is. The airbags came up after the new compressor was put in
ok, keep me posted.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I just tried to get to Davehop and failed. Please send him the following message.
Hello Dave, I thought I lost communication with you!.So far I went to Lincoln and they replaced the compressor. The car is up and running but... I paid $800. for the compressor. I was five days without a car that I really needed back because I borrowed someone elses and they were getting itchy. Plus I did not have the money for the following repair choices.?
A. 2 front air springs and T for air lines additional $2891.00 plus tax
B. Or convert to all springs $2130.00 plus tax
Rear air bags are fine!? I told them what you said and they said that was not possible because the air bag is leaking. Yes it leaks in cold weather. So I figure as longs as the compressor is working it will keep lifting the air bags until it gets warm and then I can search around for a better price. They said the front bags will go down again and it will put too much pressure on the compressor. Remember the old one was rebuuilt and was probaly bad from the start because I have had? this problem since then. I am still wondering about your solution and how do I get someone to listen. Gloria
im just taking my daughter to the Dr, Ill be back online in 1 hour to review what you wrote.

well, I know for a fact that the spring caps are an issue, but Im not there to see the springs first hand, so I do not know what condition they are in. A Lincoln Navigator is a very expensive vehicle to own, ecpecially when the air suspension needs repairing..You will need to decide if it is cost effective to repair it or get another vehicle. The cost of converting over to conventional springs is alot, especially if the rest of the truck is not in good shape, but that is a decision you will need to make.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Dave. my navigator is in great shape. I have 90,000 miles. My son is a detailer and the interior and body is in great shape. Lincoln wanted 2130. plus tax for conversion to springs. According to them my front air bags are leaking and T fitting has a slight leak(?) and the left front shows signs of possible oil leaking. or 2 front air springs and T additional 2891.00 plus tax. besides the 835. I already paid for compressor. Right now because the weather is hot the air shocks are up. ???
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
do you a mechanic in my area? I live in Pompano Beach FL near Fort lauderdale
no Im in New Jersey
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I just don't understand why they say it is the air bag. I like what you said about the caps but others say I have to replace the bag. Any suggestions. It is working pretty good now that the weather is warmer. Although the right side goes down more than the rest of the car where they say the airbag is bad. Do you think I will blow another comnpressor not getting the air bag for now