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2000 Lincoln town car: idle and shop..diagnostic

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My brother has a 2000 Lincoln Towncar that shakes when idle and shakes while driving to the point where it feels it'll cut off. A repair shop and one of their specialists were not able to detect anything with their diagnostic machines. They thought it was the harmonic balancer, but that is not the case as it has been replaced as well. It was just in an accident towards the later end of last year and a radiator leak was just fixed. Can you provide more insight as to why this could be happening in your opinion? At this point, the repair shop is saying to remove the motor/engine to look at it to see if it's fly wheels, torque converter, or just motor problems, all of which may not be the case at the end of the day. Please let me know your thoughts. Thanks! LT.

Hello, James here. This sounds more like a hands-on diagnosis is needed here, but maybe we can narrow it down a bit. First off, make sure the engine oil is not overfilled. Even a quart over will cause a vibration. Secondly, when you drive the vehicle, does the vibration follow engine speed, or vehicle speed? Does it change in fourth gear?

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
My brother says the oil isn't overfilled, and thanks for the info on that. Regarding the speed at which the vibration occurs, it originally occurred while idle and when the car was warmed up. Now, it occurs while idling and driving at any speed, whether warm or cold temperature. I know this is not much to go on, but we're hoping there's someone who can direct us better to the fix. Hope this helps. Thanks! - LT
Ok. Is there a condition where the vibration gets worse.....better....? Load, a/c on or off, speed, gear, high or low rpm...?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

The vibration is a steady hard vibration that makes you think the car will cutoff at any second. It can have the ac/heater on or off and it doesn't matter. The hard shaking still continues unfortunately. There is no heavy load on the vehicle, the speed doesn't matter as it occurs at take off and throughout the whole drive whether you increase or decrease your speed...whether you lightly press the pedal to go or not.

Ok. I'm guessing the shop Has ruled out a misfire as the cause. Let me do some more research on this.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Yes, you are correct. The shop did rule out the misfire, and that was even more baffling to them. That's why their next answer was to take out the engine/motor to see if it's related to those things I mentioned in my first response regarding, fly wheels, torque converter, and/or the motor itself. And just doing that will be a hefty cost, while even at the risk of not being able to find the root cause. :(
Here's what I would suggest. Some dealers have either an EVA or an MTS9000 ( these are both vibration analyzers) which are really sharp at pinpointing concerns like this. You could ask around to see if anyone still has one. That's probably the cheapest option. Determine of the concern is still there with the belt off of the engine. If so, that eliminates all of the accessories and the water pump as possible concerns. If the vibration is still there, remove the transmission(far cheaper than removing the engine), remove the torque converter, install the trans without it. If the vibration stops, then the cause is in the trans, most likely the converter. If it is still acting up, then we know the concern is internal to the engine. Internal engine vibrations are not common.
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