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2003 Lincoln LS: intermittently..My dealers repair shop..thermostat

Resolved Question:

My 2003 Lincoln LS has been giving me "overheating" lights intermittently - sometimes they just go down and other times I turn on the heater to 90 degrees and it immediately goes down. My dealers repair shop has only 1 time been able to see this - we asked them to change the thermostat and that didn't fix it. The dealer found a technical bulletin that matched some of what I'm seeing and we had that fixed (can't remember what that was) but it's continuing to happen. I'm intermittently also having an "Check Traction Control" message and the ABS and Traction Control indicator lighting up yellow - when I shut the motor off and immediately turn the engine back on, that message and lights go away. Any suggestions?

Another piece of information (may not be related) - today the drivers side vents are blowing heated air and the passenger side vents are blowing air conditioned air. I have the temp set on 69 degrees and it still is doing this. Related perhaps or perhaps another issue???

Hope you can help - car is going in the shop tomorrow or day after. Any and all suggestions are welcome.
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Lincoln
Expert:  Richard replied 6 years ago.

Hello and welcome to


You may have a problem with the electronic cooling fan assembly. There is a built in module that may be failing. To be sure it would need to be tested using the Ford based factory tool. For the ABS warning that module will need to be scanned for the stored fault codes. I see issues with the front wheel speed sensors causing this and since the warning will reset after an ignition cycle it is usually an electronic component. I have also seen issues with the ignition coils. They will cut out intermittently and spike the PCM causing other warnings and symptoms. AGain a complete system scan is recommended. As far as the dual climate control problem this is usually a sticking heater valve if the problem comes and goes. The DCCV is the main component controlling the heating and air conditioning. The valve controls the flow of coolant going to the heater core. When on a/c the module will pulse close the valve so hot coolant does not enter the core. Also if the module loses the power from the valve it cannot close it off so the valve will default to full heat. Lastly I have seen sticking valves short out the control module. If you take it to the shop do not authorize any repairs until you get back to me with their diagnosis and cost estimate.

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