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05 Lincoln Navigator: Fuel restarted but when I

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'05 Lincoln Navigator Fuel Issue. My wife was driving our Navigator when it just sputtered and died. When I got to the car it restarted but when I gave it gas, it sputtered and died again and would not restart. I changed the fuel filter and it restarted, ran for about 10 seconds and died again. Since then it will not start, cranks fine but will not start. I checked all of the fuses and switched the relays under the hood around and everything worked after the switching start. I then dropped the gas tank and removed the fuel pump and hooked it up to a battery charger and it pumped fuel very fast into a bucket. I am pretty certain it is electrical but I have no idea where to start. HELP PLEASE. Thanks

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The Navigators have something called a Fuel pump driver module that is known to fail and this can cause the fuel pump not to run. This fuel pump driver module is located above the spare tire on the drivers side of the frame. The connectors can get corrosion in them causing a bad connection and this can allow the fuel pump not to run but most of the time the modules just need to be replaced.

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Is there anyway to check this prior to just replacing it?
Sorry for the delay, You can check for power and ground at the pink/black and brown/orange wires from the fuel pump driver module to the fuel pump.
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