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I am selling my home as is, the contract has been executed,

Customer Question

I am selling my home as is, the contract has been executed, but now the buyers have asked to come to the home for 20 mins, without explanation of the reason just 2 days before the actual home inspection which is 2 days before the inspection period ends. My agent thinks that he wants to inspect the elevator but has yet to confirm that and I know that the maintenance takes 30 mins. I would think that an elevator inspection is like a Septic tank and would require a rider in the contract or at the very least a clear explanation of why they want to come to the home before the general inspection day. I am concerned that this is a either buyers remorse as they may have seen something they like as well since the contract was executed or this is an attempt at look for problems and cancel the inspection and the contract. My agents assistant said something about them wanting to bring a contractor to the home on top of the inspector. What are my rights now the they have executed the contract? I understand in Florida they have every right to attend the day of the inspection which I invited them to do instead of coming two days before, but do I have to open the home for any visits they want without explanation to the purpose? As elevators are very delicate and expensive items, if an elevator inspection is desired, must they hire a certified inspector to look at the unit? Did they need to include it in the contract as a rider, like a septic tank inspection.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: FL Real Estate
Expert:  FLRealEstateAnswer replied 1 year ago.
Good evening. The buyers can back out for whatever reason they want within the inspection period time. You can not act in bad faith and deny access if they want to inspect and see something or have concern and if they have buyers remorse, or found another house or simply do not like the way the interior is painted, they can back out for any reason. You should make reasonable accommodations to allow them to enter and look at what they need to and if you refuse, they can back out of they wanted to. Now, if they find a problem or issue and you can not agree on fixing or repairing it, then you do not have to and can back out yourself.
Expert:  FLRealEstateAnswer replied 1 year ago.
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