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I am deaf, I am disabled unable to communicate, my brother

Customer Question

i am deaf, I am disabled unable to communicate, my brother has to do these things for me, my attorney never suggested a guardian to file defense motions for me when my Realtor forged my co owners signature on the as is contract ,( on said home) My co owner partner was not in the US, he never saw it since my Realtor hid the 4 page sale contract while he was representing the buyers simultaneously, Realtor lied to me that there was a buyers side Realtor. at time of signing a FARBAR ie FLorida real estate assoc /FL bar approved for sale as is real estate sale of my home. My attorney refused to represent from the day after I asked him to intervene and talk to the atty representing the buyers, suing me . The next day my attorney for 7 months kept writing he had to clear with his 4 partners if one has a conflict with me. & months later my atty admitted his partner gave advice to the buyers/postilions attorney, & thus inserted a conflict, thus will not to represent me. Imagine I'm told to wait 7 months while my atty searches for a conflict, finds one in that 7 months earlier his partner gave advice to the attorney suing me. now we have a crime and fraud FS is over 6 years past SOL's ran. But I was never process served. I was forced into mediation by my attorney setting mediation with the opposition during 8 days he said its OK the opposition removed the 1st conflict. . after 8 days he writes my brother said he my atty. Drafted the quit claim> that a lie , i never spoke to my atty after 3.6.2001 . all above was cc'ed emails to me rarely, my brother was communicating with my atty. since my brother was the half owner. By the quit claim produced efiled by same my attorney in 2001 , but oppositions mortgage demanded the QC to be cured, . but as we agree the QC became self cured by 825.103, but my atty never argues , He gave no advice as i said above , he then emails having a 2nd conflict after 8 days representing me with the lie i said he said he drafted the QC . so wha do you think? Can I get a guardian to intervene from the Florida bar to help answer the bars request for a chronological explanation. Byt cited 6 years SOL's run. But I wish to show bar rule RULE 3-7.16 LIMITATION ON TIME TO BRING COMPLAINT) Exception for Theft or Conviction of a Felony Criminal Offense. There shall be no limit on the time in which to present, reopen, or bring a matter alleging theft or conviction of a felony criminal offense by a member of The Florida Bar.(c) Tolling Based on Fraud, Concealment, or Misrepresentation. In matters covered by this rule where it can be shown that fraud, concealment, or intentional misrepresentation of fact prevented the discovery of the matter giving rise to the inquiry or complaint, the limitation of time in which to bring or reopen an inquiry or complaint within this rule shall be tolled.
what do you thinK/
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: FL Real Estate
Expert:  Legalease replied 1 year ago.

Hello again --


I believe I covered this in my most recent posting to you a few minutes ago. MARY