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Category: Exercise Equipment
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I have a Bremshey Sport treadmill and have had no issues with

Customer Question

I have a Bremshey Sport treadmill and have had no issues with it; except for belt slippage which I adjusted and seems to be fine, but unfortunately I was on it yesterday and was 13 minutes into my walking exercise when the machine just went out; no screen no nothing. I checked the safety switch(13 amp); it wasn't popped, and there was still power going to the on/off switch. There are no lights on the main circuit board either.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Exercise Equipment
Expert:  Pete replied 2 years ago.
Hi there,
I am Pete, and I'll be happy to assist with your question.
First, check the breaker on the treadmill - it may be combined with the on/off switch or it may be a separate breaker. Make sure it is not open.
If it tests ok, check to see if you are getting power to the motor controller board - this can be done by following the power cord in and testing where it attaches to the board, if you are getting 120/240 volts then check the light on the controller board - if it is not lit then the controller board is bad.
If the light on the board is lit then you will need to check the DC voltage going from the board to the motor.
Also make sure you have a good voltage supply going to the console - if you have 8-12 Vdc going to the console and the console is dead then you will need to replace the upper control board.