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Michael, Technician
Category: Exercise Equipment
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My sole f63 stopped working. at first it was intermittent and

Customer Question

my sole f63 stopped working. at first it was intermittent and I used another outlet - now nothing.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Exercise Equipment
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
if it is a fuse - how do i replace it???
Expert:  Michael replied 2 years ago.
Hi and thank you for choosing Just Answer.
I am Tech Michael and I will be assisting you today.
Please be patient as these are technical questions that may require a bit of conversation to solve. Also remember to be detailed in your description of the problem. That will help me make a diagnosis quickly for you.
May I have the full morel #?
Also how old is your treadmill?
And please be detailed about the exact way it failed.
Also when you power the unit on, does the display show any sign of life, a light etc.
Thank you
Tech Michael
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I do not have model # ***** just F63.
The treadmill is about 4 years old.
I was using the treadmill - paused it and when i went to start again it turned off. I messed with the fuse and the outlets. When i changed to another outlet it started up.
Then a day later when I went to use it - nothing. I do have to be honest - where the treadmill is used that the electrical can be somewhat tricky. The outlet does work and we have no blown fuses.
Nothing happens when you turn it on - no fan .....nothing.
Expert:  Michael replied 2 years ago.
Hi thank you for the complete description of the issue.
When you turn it on, now, are there any signs of life from the control panel, a light or beep maybe?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Expert:  Michael replied 2 years ago.
Thank you for that information. In this case the circuit breaker on the unit may be tripped.
Check for that. It should be located on the front panel.
Circuit breaker on front grill tripped.
Push circuit breaker in until it locks.
3. Plug is disconnected. Make sure plug is firmly
pushed into AC household wall outlet.
If this is ok and the unit still doesn't function please let me know and I will give you the next step as to what is wrong with your treadmill.
If this works, please rate my service to you kindly.
If not please do not rate yet but simply reply to me for further information.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Nothing happened.
Expert:  Michael replied 2 years ago.
Hi, sorry for the delay,
This is a failed main console that is the problem. It was intermittent due to a failing transformer on the circuit board.
Unfortunately they don't sell electronic components for any treadmills only the completed console assembly. It is a bit expensive but here below is the best place to get that part. And also when you have the console I will be here for you to help you replace that. Its easy and there is no soldering involved. But please don't take it apart until you have the new console ready. Its also a good idea to take a few pictures of the wiring so you will be sure where it goes later ;-)
But I will help you if you get stuck. I will stick with you in case you need me further, you can reach me after rating at no additional cost .
please be sure to rate my answer kindly at this time before closing this page.
It won't cost you anything additional to rate and I will be with you at no additional cost and you can always get in touch with me if you need further help;-)
Thank you
Tech Michael
Please call Treadmill Doctor for the main console, they have the best price, they are reliable and they usually ship the same day you call if its early enough.
Treadmill Doctor: TOLL FREE 8am - 5pm Mon - Fri CST (###) ###-####