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treadmilltech, Technician
Category: Exercise Equipment
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Experience:  20+ years experience repairing exercise equipment with emphasis on Nordictrack/Proform and Horizon
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I have a Nordictrack TRL 625 recumbant bike. The resistance

Resolved Question:

I have a Nordictrack TRL 625 recumbant bike. The resistance does not work and i need to check the tension motor as well as the continuity from the console to the motor - I can do this to diagnose - not a problem; would like to know which one is usually the culprit from your experience?. Also, as a result of the reistance feature not working, there is no tension (no brake applied) at the moment and it is still a bit difficult for my wife to pedal. Is it just the weight of the wheel and is there anything that can be done to ease tension at this point?
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Exercise Equipment
Expert:  treadmilltech replied 5 years ago.
To ease the tension the motor has to work because it holds the magnet away from the weighted wheel. Usually the motor is the culprit. Here is how to check it:

Remove the plastic shields and locate the tension motor. You can test the motor, by using a 9 volt battery - attach a wire to positve and negative side then touch the yellow and blue wires of the motor- let it run til it stops and then switch the wires around and let it run the other way. If it works both ways the motor is good. Then test the harness for continuity from the console to the motor. You will need to use a volt meter to check the continuity. If the wires check ok you will need to check the voltage being supplied by the console through the blue and yellow wires when the tension buttons are pressed - it should be approx 6 vdc. If there is no voltage the console is defective and will need replaced.

One thing is to make sure the motor stops moving each direction because if i tcontinues to turn around the potentiometer in the motor is bad.
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