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Craig, Technician
Category: Exercise Equipment
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Experience:  35 years troubleshooting all types of electrical equipment and appliances.
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The treadmill stops after a couple of minutes. After I step

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The treadmill stops after a couple of minutes. After I step off, it runs again. It acts like it has a belt slipping but I checked that and the motor just slows down.

I replaced the motor a few years ago when it did the same thing but it only helped a little. I'm thinking that it might have something to do with dampness in the garage. It is heated but only at around 50 degrees.

Craig :

You checked the deck belt, but did you check the motor drive belt. It's on the motor turning the front roller. Push on the belt, it should only deflect 1/2" or so.


Yes, I did. It is tight and not slipping. The motor just comes to a stopand hums; just as if it can't pull it. I know it will do that if you have the speed set too slow but I like to use it at about 3mph. Can I put some kind of lube under the big belt? I know we don't want that belt to get too oily or it will slip.

Craig :

Yes, all you need to do is clean and lube the belt/deck surface. Here are the instructions and products here:

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