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My Sportcraft Treadmill shuts off following an F3 warning.

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My Sportcraft Treadmill shuts off following an F3 warning. How can I reset the whole thing? This is following a vacation with a house sitter tending my home. I cannot tell you what happened to cause this. It was a different user then myself.
Im' sorry but when I did turn it on initially it would only operate at a very high speed. I pushed the PACE button and nothing happened. I then pushed the pace button and held it for a few seconds.

What I was saying was that I didn't know what my house sitter had done to make it stick at the high speed

Check that the 'speed sensor' located down on the motor pulley. It must be in position 1/8" away from the pulley face. This controls the speed after you pick the speed you want, the sensor monitors the motor output for that speed.
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