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Experience:  20+ years experience repairing exercise equipment with emphasis on Nordictrack/Proform and Horizon
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My DP Lifestrider 3325 treadmill will not srart...its like

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My DP Lifestrider 3325 treadmill will not's like it has no power. It worked fine in the garage then I moved it into the house. I checked the reset switch and it seemed to be jammed into the base plate covering the motor so I worked it back out with a skrewdriver, but when I press on it nothing happens. The reset has "10 AMP" stamped beside it. Is this a fuse? If so how do I get it out? Can't get the base plate off because I can't reach two skrews behind the steel bar across the bottom. I don't have the manual anymore. What do I do now? I have checked the outlet and it is fine.
You won't be able to get it out without breaking it or your plastic cover. It is a breaker with 2 wires attached. There is not much we can do if you can't get the cover off. All testing is done inside the cover.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Ok, I got the last 2 skrews out holding the base plate, but it will only pull away a little since the reset switch and its' plastic cover are holding it to the base plate. I can see the grey plastic thing with two wires plugged into the end, one red and one black...what's next?

FYI- I don't see a green "accept" button.

You will need to check the breaker and switch with a meter. The breaker should be a closed circuit and the switch should be closed in the on position and open in the off position. If either of these are bad replace and try again. otherwise go to the next step.

Test for voltage going to the treadmill, if there is no power going to the treadmill then check the fuse or breaker in your house. If you already checked the house fuse/breaker then try this.

first thing is check for any loose connections or bad wiring and then follow the steps below to try and determine what is wrong with your treadmill.

* If that tests ok, check to see if your getting power to the motor controller(electronic board under the hood) this can be done by following the power cord in and testing where they attach, if you are getting 120/240 volts then check the light(s) on the controller If they are not lit then the controller is bad.

* If they are lit you will need to check the dc voltage going to the motor

* Also make sure you have voltage going to the console
if you have 8-12 vdc voltage to the console and the console is dead replace the upper control board.

* If only one or none of these voltages are present then the controller is bad.

* If your treadmill is equipped with a separate power board then you will need to take voltage readings going in and coming out from the board If nothing is present then the power board is bad. If all tests well move on to the controller.

* some motor controllers are equipped with a fuse on it, if this is blown the console will not light as well.

* Hopefully it is just a breaker.

* Make sure you are lubricating your treadmill as well on a regular basis. Too much friction can wear out electronic parts and reduce the life of your treadmill. Use the appropriate lubricant recommended for your specific model and never use an extension cord.

If you need to check if the motor is ok, do the following:

# XXXXX a 12-18 volt dc battery fully charged(like one from a cordless drill)
# XXXXX sure it is fully charged, because it won't work if not
# XXXXX the + and - to the motor red is + and black is -
# XXXXX the motor turns slightly your motor is ok, if not the motor is bad and would need replaced

Thank you for the question and please feel free to contact me again with any questions or problems you may have.
treadmilltech and other Exercise Equipment Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Thanks for all the great info, unfortunately it is all more than I can deal with so I will call someone to come out. I thought it might be easily replaceable like a car fuse. I appreciate your time and help.

Thanks again-P. Kinkade

no problem.