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treadmilltech, Technician
Category: Exercise Equipment
Satisfied Customers: 5645
Experience:  20+ years experience repairing exercise equipment with emphasis on Nordictrack/Proform and Horizon
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My Proform 400 GI treadmill wont turn on. Absolutely will

Resolved Question:

My Proform 400 GI treadmill won't turn on. Absolutely will no power.
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Exercise Equipment
Expert:  treadmilltech replied 7 years ago.
If there is no power going to the treadmill then you blew the fuse or breaker in your house. If you already checked the house fuse/breaker then try this.

* Check the breaker on your treadmill it can be combined with the on/off switch or it can be a separate breaker. Make sure it is not open.
* If that tests ok, check to see if your getting 120 volts to the motor controller(electronic board under the hood) this can be done by following the power cord in and testing where they attach, if you are getting 120 volts then check the lights on the controller If they are not lit then the controller is bad.
* If they are lit you will need to check the voltage coming to the motor
* Also make sure you have voltage going to the console
* If only one or none of these voltages are present then the controller is bad.
* If your treadmill is equipped with a separate power board then you will need to take voltage readings going in and coming out from the board If nothing is present then the power board is bad. If all tests well move on to the controller.
* Hopefully it is just a breaker.
* Make sure you are lubricating your treadmill as well on a regular basis. Too much friction can wear out electronic parts and reduce the life of your treadmill. Use the appropriate lubricant recommended for your specific model
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