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Craig, Technician
Category: Exercise Equipment
Satisfied Customers: 4529
Experience:  35 years troubleshooting all types of electrical equipment and appliances.
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I have a EXP 3000 Nordic Track treadmill whose buttons stop

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I have a EXP 3000 Nordic Track treadmill whose buttons stop responding. Only the #4 and 7 touch buttons for speed and incline work. None of the others do. What could be the issue?
Check the console cable coming up from the electronics. Un plug and re seat the connectors. Keep pushing the buttons, they could be stuck. This will sometimes free them, it would not be the first time I've seen this...
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I have done all of what you suggested already prior to asking for questions, but no success. Incidentally, I am an electronics engineer and used to do troubleshooting, however, I don't have an schematic for the console which would help identify the problem.

It appears that the console decoding board is defective, but I have no way to test it without a schematic or proper equipment.

Thank you, XXXXX XXXXX answer is of no help to me.

Have you looked under the front cover (motor area) for the 'tech sheet' ?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
There is a simplified wiring diagram and simple troubleshooting instructions on the "tech sheet" inside the motor area. I checked all power supply board and all is good. The PWM LED also flickers when the motor is running, controlling the speed at 4 mph, or 7 mph, the two speeds where the buttons work.

On power up, the console used to perform a check of the integrity of the control board, then clear the LEDs so you could enter the desired parameters (weight, speed, incline, etc). It does not do that any longer, although it does not display an error or failed message.

Everything tells me there is a failure in the console board, however the schematic provided does not show a detailed circuit diagram to allow troubleshooting. The control boards are made by Icon and Bannzai. I have seen comments stating that Icon has had trouble with the reliability of their boards.

I searched the net for a replacement console for the EXP 3000, but at US$432.00 plus shipping and handling for a new console, it is hardly worth replacing it. I'd better off buying a new treadmill despite this one having had not much use for many years until recently.

Any other suggestion?
I tend to agree that the console is bad. The motor control is working some so that means it's ok if it's got a program. I would shop around for a console board and then decide...check ebay, I see boards there from time to time...Craig
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