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Category: Firearms
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I have a .357 magnum derringer, two, over and under,

Customer Question

I have a .357 magnum derringer, two barrels, over and under, purchased directly from the company and in perfect condition. I'd like to know the value, I'm trying to decide whether to keep or sell.
JA: The Firearms Appraiser will get you a firearm appraisal. Is there anything else the Firearms Appraiser should be aware of?
Customer: I live in a rural area and I'm a widow now, 91 years old and a very good shot. In your opinion, which would be a better home security, this derringer or a BIG dog?
Submitted: 2 months ago.
Category: Firearms
Expert:  rusufdavi replied 2 months ago.

Hello there

My name is ***** ***** I will try to help you in your question today. Thank you or using JustAnswer to solve your question.

Expert:  rusufdavi replied 2 months ago.

Regarding the value of your item, I have just perform a market research of similar sold items as yours. I performed the research based upon the most recent finished auctions and private sells, so the value given is the real market value of your item. This is the only way to know the exact value of your unit.

The value will be in the range of 600-900$ for a fully working derringer.

If you want to sell the unit I would recommend to sell them on the internet so you can reach more potential buyers. You can also sell the lot locally, Craigslist is free, and a lot of collectors look at the ads on Craiglist.

Keep in mind if you sell the unit to a resell shop, the price will decrease 20-30% from market value.

You can sell the item on Etsy, it's like you put the item in a online shop. You may also check Amazon Market Place. Both places have good reputation, and you can easily sell the items for a good price.

Let me know if I can help you any further, otherwise, please, remember to rate my answer!

Expert:  TOM replied 2 months ago.


The value of your gun can not be determined without knowing the make and model. If you can give them to me I will let you know what the current value is.

As far as a dog or a gun, I would choose both. The dog can give plenty of warning when someone is approaching and may deter someone from breaking in, but someone who is determined can injure or kill the dog just as they can do to you. I would never recommend replacing a fire arm with anything but another firearm!