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Philip Van Cleave
Philip Van Cleave, Firearms Instructor
Category: Firearms
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Experience:  Firearms instructor, 40 years experience with firearms.
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I'm looking at a Winchester model 1875 45-60 with a 28" barrel.

Customer Question

I'm looking at a Winchester model 1875 45-60 with a 28" barrel. Serial number 14965. It's in good condition for the age. Looking for the value of you could help me out please.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Firearms
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I hit the wrong button. It's a model 1876. It's an octagon barrel.
Expert:  Philip Van Cleave replied 2 years ago.
Thanks for choosing me. Back shortly with appraisal (unless I have any other questions on the gun) on that Model 1876.
Expert:  Philip Van Cleave replied 2 years ago.
June 17, 2015
Thank you for your interest in our Firearms Appraisal service. The information you provided was used to properly identify the information below. Here is the information you requested about your Firearm firearm taken from
Manufacturer/Trademark – Winchester
Model/configuration – Model 1876 Rifle Second Model, .45-60 WCF cal., with 28 inch bbl., and blue finish.
Serial Number – 14965 mfg. circa 1881 (antique).
Additional Information – round or octagon barrel, similar but larger frame than Model 1873, tube mag., rifles have forearm caps while carbines and muskets have forearm bands and caps, crescent butt, straight grip stock, 63,871 mfg. between 1876-1897. Second Model: "Thumbprint" dust cover rail held on by screw.
Value Range (based on percentage of original bright-blue finish on the gun and in working order):
100% - $--
98% - $--
95% - $15,000
90% - $12,750
80% - $10,875
70% - $9,000
60% - $7,750
50% - $6,000
40% - $4,750
30% - $3,750
20% - $2,250
10% - $1,500
Since there rarely is much finish left on these guns (<30%), here is another breakdown of values based on the condition of these rifles that is more normally found:
* A below average Model 1876 Rifle Second Model is currently valued in the $1,000-$1,600 range. (10% or less finish)
* An average Model 1876 Rifle Second Model is currently valued in the $1,750-$2,500 range. (11% to 20% finish)
* An above average Model 1876 Rifle Second Model is currently valued in the $2,750-$3,750 range. (21% to 30% finish)
I trust that this information will be of interest. If you have further questions, or require assistance in the future, please feel free to contact me via’s question service.
For other firearms related information, please visit
This Firearm appraisal is a value estimate on the appraised firearm for the date of the appraisal. The value quoted is a real world market value (also known as a private party value) and is the amount you should expect to pay for the firearm. This is not an appraisal for retail or wholesale purposes.
The information and values in this appraisal are compiled from a variety of sources including the current editions of the Blue Book of Gun Values , my internal reference library, my network of Firearms experts across the United States, firearms auctions, and through various online sites.
The values in this appraisal are based on recent sales of comparable and similar firearms taking into account the rarity, desirability, and overall original condition of the firearm. In the case that a comparable sale is not readily available, the value is based on a projected amount that the firearm would be expected to sell for.
All information compiled in this firearm evaluation using the Blue Book of Gun Values online database and Photo Percentage Grading System is copyrighted 2015 by Blue Book Publications, Inc. and may not be used for any other purpose without written permission from the publisher. Any unauthorized usage of the Photo Percentage Grading System for the evaluation of firearms values and color photo percentage breakdown is also expressly forbidden by the publisher.
Expert:  Philip Van Cleave replied 2 years ago.
I know you were in a hurry on the Model 1876 appraisal - did you see my answer?

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