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What is a Model 52 bull barrel custom made with a Winchester

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What is a Model 52 bull barrel custom made with a Winchester falling block action worth? Is it rare? Is it one of a few only made? Also, it has a Marble adjustable sight for target shooting!


Hello, my name is XXXXX XXXXX I would like to try to help you if I can.

The Winchester Model 52 was a bolt action (not a falling block) chambered in .22LR. It DID come in two bull barrel configurations, the Model 52B Bull Gun and the Model 52C Bull Gun.

If this is a totally custom made job, then its value would depend on the reputation of the gunsmith that put it together and the actually craftsmanship of the work.

If you could post some pictures, particularly concentrating on any markings/stampings/identification on the gun, and of the reciever itself, it might help IDing it.

However, to give you a starting point of reference the 52B and 52C Bull Gun is valued (both are valued the same):

Excellent - $1800
Very Good - $1500
Good - $1300
Fair - $1050
Poor - $500
Customer: replied 5 years ago.


I did some additional research online and came across an entry of 10 rifles made for the 1956 US Olympic rifle team. There were 10 custom Model 52C's for the Melbourne games. It alos said it could be a possible prototype for the style D. It mentioned a fellow by the name of Karl Kenyon (does he sound familiar?), that made an Iternational Match version in 1969. However, let me give you some more details about it and if I get time I will take some pictures and email them. I need an address to send the pictures. It has a Marble-Goss (Gladstone) rear adjustable sight and a Redfield International Match front sight. The falling block has "Winchester" only ptinted, fancy lever, and underneath the lever it has Pat. Oct. 7, 79. Then it has the number 5 by itself. In a book that I might order talks about a serial #5 or #6 that may be rare. I think the book was by Thomas Henshaw on Old Winchester's. Otherwise I can't find a serial number anywhere on the rifle (barrel or lower housing). Any suggestions on where else to look for the serial number?



There were approximately 300 of a Model 52 International Match Rifles made in two versions, Freestyle and Prone. Supposedly they were offered with a Kenyon Trigger (and, you bet, I've heard of him) or an ISU set-trigger as alternatives to the stock trigger.

The rifles that were ordered for the 1956 Games WERE single shot. I've not seen one, so it is conceivable that it could have been a rolling block. As far as I am able to ascertain, there were only 10 of those made, presumably by Winchester as I don't find any mention of them being farmed out to any specific gunsmith. If you have one of those, it may be as or more valuable as sports memorabilia as it is as a rifle. Given that this is a possibility, I would have you contact Winchester directly at(NNN) NNN-NNNNand ask to talk to their historian. I am sure they would have complete records of those 10 guns. You might also contact the US Olympic Committee (1 Olympic Plaza, Colorado Springs, CO 80909,(NNN) NNN-NNNN They might have records on those guns as well.
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