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Category: Firearms
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I have a Model 1894 30-30 Remington built in 1900. It is in

Resolved Question:

I have a Model 1894 30-30 Remington built in 1900. It is in good shape. What is the approximate value?


Serial 193274

Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Firearms
Expert:  TOM replied 5 years ago.


I am assuming you meant Winchester Model 1894, not Remington.
The Model 1894 was Winchesters first rifle built for smokeless powder and their most popular. There have been over 6,000,000 made to date. There are several versions of the Model 94 and the version you have will affect the value. Your gun was made in 1900.
The Sporting Rifle has a 26" barrel.
The Fancy Sporting Rifle has a checkered stock and forend.
The Extra Lightweight Rifle has a 22" or 26" barrel with a 1/2 magazine tube, plain straight grip stock and shotgun style buttplate.
The Carbine has a 20" barrel and the Trappers Carbine has a 14", 15", 16" or 18" barrel.
Values for the Sporting Rifle are:
excellent-$4000, very good-$3000, good-$1500, fair$850, poor-$450
Add 25% for takedown variation.
Add approx. 50% for cals. other than .30-30 Win. or .32 Spl.
If you have one of the other models, let me know and I will give you the values.
I hope this helps you,

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Yes sorry meant Winchester...was looking at other guns here too that I'm trying to put a value on. We have the long octagon barrel nickel steel barrel. I'm not sure what makes for good to very good condition? Is there any other thing I should do rather than regular maintenance? I don't want to ruin the original value. Thanks
Expert:  TOM replied 5 years ago.


The following will help to grade your gun.

Excellent - 95%+ - 98% condition- blueing and stock do not have any blemishes, no repairs have been done.
Very Good - 80% - 95% condition- small blemishes on metal and small dings in the stock, all parts are original.
Good - 60% - 80% condition, small repairs and factory replacement parts
Fair - 20% - 60% condition - reblueing, stock repairs, replacement parts, 50% finish

Poor - under 20% condition


Clean the gun with a soft cloth and gun oil. I use lemon oil on the wood and gun oil for everything else, inside and out.


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