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How much is the Winchester Model 94 Golden Spike Commemorative

Resolved Question:

How much is the Winchester Model 94 Golden Spike Commemorative Gun serial number G514038 worth today?
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Firearms
Expert:  Philip Van Cleave replied 5 years ago.
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The Winchester Golden Spike Carbine Commemorative was made in 1969. The serial number has a "GS" prefix and serial numbers run from 1 to 69996.

The gun is a Model 94 carbine chambered only in .30-30. It has a 20 inch barrel with 2 barrel bands plated with yellow gold, a yellow gold receiver, is engraved with a decorative scrolled border on the right side, has a railroad spike flanked by 1869 and 1969 on the left side and with satin finished American walnut straight-grip stock.

The original issue price back in 1969 was $120.

Assuming it has never been fired (better yet if it hasn't even been cocked, which could scratch the hammer), here are the values (69,996 made):

Blue Book (2011): $700 (dealer pricing, add around 20% for retail pricing)
Modern Gun Values (2011): $1,295 (retail)
Standard Catalog of Firearms (2012): $900 (retail)

As you can see, the resources differ in the value, but that gives you a range. I am skeptical of the $1,295. The other two are in sync (wholesale vs retail pricing). I usually look to see if two of the three are close to determine the most reasonable pricing.

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