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Value of a Winchester Model 90 22 short, octagon barrel, Pat.

Resolved Question:

Value of a Winchester Model 90 22 short, octagon barrel, Pat. Jan 29, 1901, number 202071 in excellent condition.
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Firearms
Expert:  Philip Van Cleave replied 5 years ago.
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The Winchester Model 1890 was the first slide-action rifle produced by Winchester. It is chambered for the .22 Short, .22 Long, and Winchester Rimfire cartridges (developed specifically for the Model 1890). The cartridges are not interchangeable, though.

In 1919, the .22 Long Rifle was added to the line.

The rifle is slide-action top-ejecting with an 18 inch under barrel magazine tube.

There are three configurations that greatly affect value and all 3 had plain walnut straight-grip stocks and a 12 groove slide handle.


1. First Model - solid frame, 24 inch octagonal barrel, case hardened frame, fixed rear sight. Approximately 15,552 built from 1890 to 1892.

2. Second Model (case hardened frame variation), takedown, 24 inch barrel, adjustable rear sights. Serial numbers from 15553 to 325250 (lower tang). A Deluxe version was offered with fancy checkered straight or pistol grip stock.

3. Third Model is a takedown with 24 inch barrel, blued frame, adjustable rear sight. Serial numbered 325251 to 853000. This model has a locking cut in the front top of the receiver to allow the breech bolt to lock externally. A deluxe version of this gun is also available.

Based on the serial number provided, your gun was made in 1904.

Retail values:

First Model, standard grade (if .22 Long or .22 WRF, add 20%)

Excellent: $12,000-$14,400
Very Good: $9,000-$10,200
Good: $5,700-$6,600
Fair: $2,700-$4,800
Poor: $1,650

Second Model, case hardened frame

Excellent: $6,600-$9,600
Very Good: $3,900-$5,100
Good: $2,640-$3,300
Fair: $660-$2,160
Poor: $465

Second/Third Model, blued, takedown (if .22 LR - after serial number 610,000 - add 50%)

Excellent: $2,400-$3,600
Very Good: $990-$1,500
Good: $660-$780
Fair: $360-$540
Poor: $300

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