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I also just aquired a sxs shotgun marked w m moore & co it

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I also just aquired a sxs shotgun marked w m moore & co it has hammers and quite a bit of scroll work and it says london fine twist on the top of the barrels in the center. It has a s shaped lever that goes from the bottom of the gun in front of the trigger guard up to behind the left hammer for break open release. i cant find any info. on it to verify a date of mfg. or a value.
Good evening,

Does your gun look something like this one?

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
The engravings loo like that but the s "s" shaped curl comes from the bottom up behind the left hammer to break open the firearm.
I assumed that there may be some subtle differences in the gun. I was just trying to match up the style to make sure that we had the correct gunmaker.

W.M. Moore & Co. was founded in London in 1833. Moore later partnered with another gunmaker named William Grey in 1844, forming "Moore & Grey" until about 1853. The company changed names numerous times over the years and in 1908 the company was bought by another company, Cogswell & Harrison. Business ceased about 1915. I know of a reference relating to an ad for a Wm. Moore and Co. gun as late as 1889. The W.m. Moore & Co. name ceased being used around 1896.

Unfortunately, no serial number records exist today. Its kind of an obscure gun so there's not alot of value info out there. I did find one auction where a similiar gun was offered for sale in the $695 range, but it did not sell.
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