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TOM, Gunsmith
Category: Firearms
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I have Llama 22 cal pistol and need a new magazine. Where can

Resolved Question:

I have Llama 22 cal pistol and need a new magazine. Where can I find one? I also have a Western Field 22 cal bolt action rifle and need a magazine for it. I couldn't find a model number on the Llama. I believe the model number on the rifle is 497B

I would like to receive a direct route to my answers.

Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Firearms
Expert:  TOM replied 5 years ago.

Hi, has the Llama XVII mags in stock and will take back-orders on the XV.

It is the only place that I can find them. Would you please double check the rifle model number. I do not have a listing for 497B.


Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Aother number that I found on the rifle is 14m
Expert:  TOM replied 5 years ago.


Your gun was made by Mossberg and is a Model 42. The same place, has the mags in stock.,_43_and_44.htm

Havlin Sales has the mags also, they are in stock and have a 15 round mag available.

I hope this helps you,


Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Tom are you sure that the first email address concerning the Llama was for 22 cal pistols. All that I found was for 32 cal.



I may be cheating, but one more question for you. I am looking for a reasonably priced 222 rifle. I have checked Gunsamerica, Gunbroker, and Auctionsrms with little results. I know that it is an old cal., but want one.


Expert:  TOM replied 5 years ago.


Go to On the left click on "K-L", then Llama and then 22 caliber and they will come up. I clicked on the link above and went to the 22 caliber magazines.

222 rifles are scarce. I load ammo for 2 guys that have them because the ammo is getting so hard to find. I think the only way that you are going to get a rifle in 222 is to have it built for you. Custom guns can go from $1200 and up depending on what you want as far as stock, optics,etc. There was 1 that came into the store a couple of months ago and it lasted 2 days.


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