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Q: Reference Taurus Mod 94 DA Revolver, in .22Mag : Hammer

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Q: Reference Taurus Mod 94 DA Revolver, in .22Mag :
Hammer will not catch/remain to the rear (in the full lock position) for single action use/firing.
Still fires fine in double action mode. Only problem is with the single action.

I have ensured that the safety lock in the hammer is fully disengaged (using factory-supplied key), & removed the sideplate to visually inspect for dirt/obstructions or obviously broken parts. The action "looks" clean & there doesn't appear to be any broken internal parts.

Any ideas or guidance?
Thanks in advance...
Steve B


It sounds like the sear is hanging up. There is a small spring behind it the pushes the bottom away from the hammer. The sear is #23 and the spring is #25 on the following schematic. When you pull the hammer back, the sear should lock the hammer back by locking on the trigger notch. With the sideplate off and the gun on its left side, pull the hammer back and watch the sear. If it does not catch, check the spring or the end of the sear for a broken tip.


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Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Sounds great!
It's interesting that you provided the Numrich Arms/GPC link in your response... I already had it open in another tab & was running down the parts list !

I'm confident you've identified the issue.
I'll check it out tomorrow & if sear and/or spring replacement is needed ; I'll add them to a Brownells order I already have prepared.

Thanks & God Bless,
Steve B.

Hi Steve,

You will need to call Taurus for any parts, Brownells does not have them for the Taurus guns. 305-624-1115 is the number for customer service and parts.