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I have a 32 cal Browning ( Fabrique National) Serial # XXXXX

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I have a 32 cal Browning ( Fabrique National) Serial # XXXXX w/ Nazi imprints. I have but one clip and looking to purchase 1 or two more clips . Is that possible?
Or.. Is it worth selling?
Thanks Jack Connor
Houston TX
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Your gun should be a Browning Model 1922 with a 4-1/2 inch barrel. It is a modification of the Model 1910 to be shorter. It was made for military and police contracts and several hundred thousand were made by the Nazis during the war when they took over the plant during the Nazi occupation from 1940 to 1944. The most common wartime Nazi marking was "WaA140".

Blue Book values (what a dealer would offer you, add around 20% for retail):

Excellent: $375-$475
Very Good: $275-$325
Good: $200-$225

NOTES: Add 150% if .380 ACP and WaA613 marked on trigger guard. Add 100% if .32 ACP and WaA613 marked. Add 30% if WaA103 marked. Add 25% for post liberation "A" prefix serial number. Subtract 10% for common WaA140 wartime marked pistol.


As far as buy a new magazine, Numrich has them for $46.30:

I hope this helps.

Philip Van Cleave and other Firearms Specialists are ready to help you
I saw your comment that you couldn't reach Numrich. Try again on Monday - they are a big company, but they may not be open on weekends.


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