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I have an old Colt revolver Marked COLT D.A. 41 on side of

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I have an old Colt revolver Marked 'COLT D.A. 41' on side of barrel

On the top of very long barrel Marked 'COLT'S PT F A MGG CC HARTFORD, CT. U.S.A' UNDERNEATH THIS 'PATENTED AUG.5.1884 NOV.6.88 MAR.5.95'

Cylinder release stamped 947

But of handle stamped 240 on top of 179
also have 4 rounds of colt .41 long

and handmade old leather holster not marked prob handmade.

Can you tell me any info about this firearm and ball park appraisal to expect for sale?
Much thanks,
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You have the Colt Model 1892 "New Army and Navy" Civilian Model, since you didn't mention any martial markings. It has double bolt-stop notches, a double cylinder locking-bolt. It is similar to the Model 1889 Navy, but has improved lockwork. Chamberings include .38 S&W, .32-20, .31 Colt, and .41 Colt. Checkered hard rubber grips are standard, but some contract guns have walnut grips. There were 291,000 of these guns made from 1892 to 1907.

Blue Book values (what a dealer would offer you, a collector might offer more):

Excellent: $1,150-$1,850
Very Good: $500-$700
Good: $300-$400
Fair: $195-$275
Poor: $175

NOTES: Add 25% for a 3 inch barrel. Subtract $100 to $200 for broken hard rubber grips or broken action.

Assuming that the serial number is XXXXX based on the stamping on the gun's butt, it was made in 1901.

I hope this is helpful.

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