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I have a Dreyse Rheinische Matallwaaran and Massheinenfabrik

Customer Question

I have a Dreyse Rheinische Matallwaaran and Massheinenfabrik Abt sommerda pistol
with ivory on the handles. No chips. Can you give me a ballpark as I have no idea. I have a photo if helpful I can e-mail. My father has Alzheimers and we found this in his things. How hard to sell if not sure if he has a permit and can you ship this stuff?? Thx I honestly don't have any $$ so if you can't answer that's OK, thanks anyway
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Firearms
Expert:  Philip Van Cleave replied 6 years ago.
Thank you for using Just Answer!

What state are you located in? Most states don't register guns, a few do.

Some of the Dreyse pistols are not very valuable, but one type is very valuable.

Do you know what caliber that gun is? Do you see a serial number on the gun? Any other markings on the gun at all?

Expert:  TOM replied 6 years ago.


There are 3 possibilities for your gun. The 7.65 caliber (32) is a semi auto pistol with a 3.65" barrel. The slide is marked Rheinmetall ABT. Sommerda. The finish is blued and original grips were walnut. The values on this gun are:

excellent-$350, very good-$225, good-$175, fair-$125, poor-$90.

There is a 9mm version of this gun that is marked the same on the slide. The gun is too rare to price and it should go to a certified appraiser.

The other is a 9mm with a 5" barrel and an 8 shot magazine. The slide is marked Rheinische Metallwaaren Und Maschinefabrik, Sommerda. It is blued and had hard rubber grips. It was manufactured before 1916 in small numbers. Values are:

excellent-$4500, very good-$3750, good-$2500, fair-$1500, poor-$750.

Ivory grips can add $100 to $150 to the value.

There are only a few states that require permits for handguns. Among them are NY, NJ, and Ill. You can go to and click on gun laws at the top of the page. Then click on your state and it will give you the laws for the state.

I hope this helps you,


Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Hi Tom, Thank you this does help, couple of things,
Who do you recommend selling it to, either in MA or by shipping. And can you really ship a firearm? How would I know if its a 9mm. Sorry, never even held a gun in my hands before. Can I send you a photo? I will have to get out the piece and look at it more closeley for these other details that you mention.
Expert:  TOM replied 6 years ago.


The 9mm gun will have a barrel that is .355" for the inside diameter. The 7.65 or .32 caliber will have a diameter of .320". The gun should be stamped with the caliber on the barrel or on the slide. The gun can be shipped by UPS, FED-EX or USPS. There can not be anything on the package saying what is in it and it must be shipped to an FFL (Federal Firearms License) holder. When you sell it, the buyer has to supply you with an FFL of the dealer they want it shipped to.

The best way for you to sell a gun is to use or You have complete control of the auction, no one comes to your home or calls you, you get payment before you ship the gun and the buyer pays for shipping. The buyer must send an FFL from the dealer where the gun is being shipped to and he goes through a NICS check before getting the gun so you know that they are permitted to own one. You set the start date, starting price, bid increments, length of auction, reserve price if you want one, etc. You are permitted up to 10 pictures per auction.


Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Thanks I will pull it out and check these specs. I know it says Abt Sommerda
so I am hopeful for the high appraisal. I might send you a picture later.
Thanks again this is very helpful.
Expert:  TOM replied 6 years ago.

You're welcome, Glad I could help you,


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