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TOM, Gunsmith
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How do I clean and maintain a Winchester Model 12 12 gauge

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How do I clean and maintain a Winchester Model 12 12 gauge shotgun?


To remove the front end (barrel and magazine) push the pin at the top of the magazine tube through to the other side of the tube, rotate the tube 180 degrees, lift it out of the receiver. Turn the barrel and mag assembly 90 degrees, it will only turn one way and lift it out of the receiver.

To clean the barrel, soak the brush with solvent and run it back and forth through the barrel a few times. Put a patch holder or jag on the cleaning rod and run patches through to remove loose dirt and fowling. Use solvent on patches a couple of times and then dry patches. When the barrel is clean, run a lightly oiled patch through it. Clean the bolt face with a patch with solvent and any part you can reach inside the receiver. re-install the barrel and wipe down the entire gun with a silicone clothe or oiled rag. I use lemon oil on the wood.

You can clean the barrel without taking it off by opening the action and cleaning from the muzzle end.

I found a copy of the original manual for takedown and assembly.

I hope this helps you,


TOM and other Firearms Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

I will need more info. I'm a 71 yr. old woman - good health, strong - living in an isolated area in the foothills. I'm concerned about home invasion, and want to be ready.

Dad used to take me shooting, but not with shotgun. I will need really basic info, like how to be sure its not loaded, how to load and unload, best load to use, etc.

A friend is going to take me to a sand pit where I can shoot it to be sure I can handle the

kick. Don't know how much he knows about guns, so thought I'd better ask an expert.



The best load to use for home defense is 00 Buckshot. It is what the police and military use in their shotguns and will do the job. I am attaching a link to Amazon .com for a complete manual for the gun. It covers everything about it from assembly to shooting and ammunition. The price is $6.95

A 12 gauge shotgun is going to kick, there is a lot of recoil. You may be better off with a 20 gauge or the best thing in my opinion is a .38 revolver, but if you are comfortable with, then use it. I am also attaching a link for a model 1200 shotgun that loads and fires the same way. It has photo's and will explain loading and unloading better than I can without them. Pages 6 and 7 are for loading and unloading and page 9 is on firing.

If I can help in any other way, please let me know,


TOM and other Firearms Specialists are ready to help you

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