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Kraig Vollmer
Kraig Vollmer,
Category: Firearms Repair
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Experience:  Gunsmith at Self
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I own a M444 308 Sporter on an Imbel receiver It's

Customer Question

I own a M444 308 Sporter on an Imbel receiver It's questionable as the straightness of the barrel the scope is a bring back' Leatherwood '3x9 what would you suggest as how to approach this situation.Is there a simple procedure as how to approach this or do I need a competent smithy to proceed. need an approach as what to do . **************.or *** *** **** I've noticed open ear and closed ear barrels through Sportsmans guide ,with this differance , what is applicable to my weapon JA: How can the Gunsmith help you with your firearm? Is there anything else important you think the Gunsmith should know? Customer: ear what barrel is appropriate

Submitted: 4 months ago.
Category: Firearms Repair
Expert:  Kraig Vollmer replied 4 months ago.

I would take it to a good gun smith and he should have what it takes to see if it is bent. How does it group on paper are the shots all over the place or do they stay in area. If you are unsure get a second scope and put on the gun see how that shoots for a group. Please do not for get to rate me.