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Category: Finance
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Experience:  Tax professional and business consultant for 35 years.
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I have about 100 thousand to invest. I've been to two

Customer Question

I have about 100 thousand to invest. I've been to two financial planners who offered me returns of about 5 percent which would include some risk in the marketAs a teacher, I'm making 7 percent on my money with no riskI do have some money in a mutual fund- general American investors. I've had this stock for forty years and have done ok with it.So- I'm looking for some other form of investment. I thought real estate, but I don't know if I have enough money and I know little of where to begin.Can investing in a quality tanzanite (as I heard they are becoming more rare be something I should even consider)Where is the best place to get investment information?Finally, the money is inherited. I'd prefer to keep it and not make it marital property. I live in New York I believe it will remain mine as long as I don't commingle itI will not need to touch the money for at least 5 years
Submitted: 8 months ago.
Category: Finance
Expert:  PDtax replied 8 months ago.

Hi from Just Answer. I'mCustomer and can assist.

Expert:  PDtax replied 8 months ago.

There's a lot to address here, and the price you offer doesn't begin to address the value of good financial advice. But, I will try to answer your questions. It's hard without knowing more about you, but I will work with what you have provided.

If you are making 7% a year with no risk, and do not need these funds for your living. I would invest the funds there. For a few reasons:

7% risk free is pretty good. If you are not an active investor, i would stay away from real estate and gemstones. Both could do better, but so much of their value depends on factors outside of your dominion and control that i would not recommend investing in either.

In five years, the $100,000 at no risk could be $150,000 or so at 7% risk free.

I would also keep it in its classification if you are concerned about divorce and inheritance exemption. Buying real estate you jointly own could move your inherited funds into the marital property. Depends on the transaction. I suggest a new account to house the funds, with inherited in the title of the account or otherwise identify it.

I hope this allows you to make investment decisions you are comfortable with. Positive feedback is appreciated. I'mCustomer

Customer: replied 8 months ago.
I agree with you about the 7 percent. Unfortunately, I'm only able to contribute salaried money to the fund. So I can't put the 100 grand there.Your opinion, stay away from gemstones and real estate as I don't know enough to make a sound decisionBasically, other than a savings account I should put it.....Thanks. I know it's a tough question
Expert:  PDtax replied 8 months ago.
I like equities. A blend of mutual funds that should earn 7% or more over time (some years better, some worse).It also allows you to retain the inherited character.Sit with a fee based planner and select investments that make sense for you. They will help you choose no load mutual funds (lower cost). Brokers typically recommends load finds so they can be paid a commission of 5% or more up front.