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How does the Medi-Cal or Medicade (Ql--MC 239-2 Ql) programs

Customer Question

How does the Medi-Cal or Medicade (Ql--MC 239-2 Ql) programs have $1793.00 as a income limit? When the income is say $2,742.00 and the Maintenance Need is $934.00? $2742-$934=$1808.00 or $21696.00 yearly co-pay every month cannot be correct!
Medi-Cal says $2742.00-$934.00=$1808.00 as a co-pay.
I say that the income of $2742.00-$1793.00(income limit)=$949.00-$934.00=$15.00 monthly co-pay to receive Medi-Cal benefits.
It is hard to fight the state, but $1793.00 cannot be used as a punishment to deny benefits under this program. I believe there is something wrong in the States computations.
Do you have advice to help me? My wife is very ill for the last nine months and I am getting to old to take care of her without help. I am trying to keep her at home.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Finance
Expert:  TaxRobin replied 1 year ago.


I know your situation is unfair but the sate uses set amounts.

The $94 is subtracted from the Net Nonexempt Income.

I have a published explanation that may assist you and show how they do the calculations