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What are oil pension checks? Is this a scam?

Customer Question

What are oil pension checks? Is this a scam?
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Finance
Expert:  Lane replied 2 years ago.
If this comes in the form of this being soething special, or something that will make you rich, that par't a scam.
ANd if you have to pay or subscribe to something to get information on this, then yes.
Well, what they’re really talking about are MLPs — Master Limited Partnerships.
And they really have been around for 25+ years, without getting much attention, at least until the last three or four years.
And although they do pay what seems like a decent income .. at the end when you realize you've been getting nothing but essentally your principle and with some a BIG chunck of phantom income at the end, but no money and your principles gone ... the whole thing starts to make sense...The dots finally connect.
Investors should also consider other downsides to MLPs, which include:
Personal Tax Liability. Each unitholder is responsible for paying his or her share of the partnership's income taxes, which can make filing taxes more complicated. This is particularly true for larger unitholders, who may have to pay taxes in the various states in which the partnership operates.Also, limited partners might owe taxes on partnership income even if the units are held in a retirement account.
There's a limited pool of Investors. MLPs face a smaller pool of potential investors than traditional equities because institutional investors, such as pension funds, are not allowed to hold MLP units without incurring tax liability. These large investors do not ordinarily pay taxes, so they tend to shy away from MLPs.
Institutional investors represent the majority of investor dollars in the market, so eliminating them reduces the potential demand for MLP units.
Bot***** *****ne this is an investment that has advantges and disadvantages, but is nothing magic..although can be VERY complicated ...and almost nevers work well in an IRA, may or may not work for you ... but is no more likely to make you rich than any of a thousand other investments.
YOu might want to take a look at this:
Hope this helps