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Rakhi Vasavada
Rakhi Vasavada, Financial and Legal Consultant
Category: Finance
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Experience:  Graduated in law with Emphasis on Finance and have have been working in financial sector for over 12 Years
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I am looking financial planning advice. I am 33

Customer Question

I am looking for specific financial planning advice. I am 33 and my wife is 28. We are still young. My job for the previous 11 years is just about gone. I owned a construction type business. I am now making very little in comparison what I was earning.
My wife teaches bilingual elementary school with a masters degree in education. She has 4 years experience in Texas and earns about $55K yearly. Her job is locked in if she wants to keep on. We have a mortgage on our home. We still owe $125K and home is now
valued at $280K-$300K. So, equity of $150K+. We have around $50K in the checking account. And around $120K in retirement accounts. I would guesstimate our net worth to be $300K-$350K. We do not have any kids. We are not real happy with where we currently are
geographically or in our lifestyle. My work has been stressful on me and taken a toll on my body even though I am not old. We would both love to move to another country, (We have both lived overseas already), and slow down. She would try and work in a school
or university, and I would most likely teach English; part-time =). These jobs to not pay much in latin america where we plan to live. What is some specific financial advise for 2 young people worth $300K that want to "semi-retire" abroad, where they will
not be earning or saving much or anything at all? We need the $300K-$350K to carry us onward. I know it is not much but we are still young have lots of opportunity for growth if we "invest" the right way. I know this is not very detailed, and perhaps you need
more information, that I am happy to give. We just really want to know what to do, exactly, without going to a financial advisor that is trying to "sell" us something. Invest in stock market? Downsize for the time being? Sell our home and run? Keep our home
as rental property? Buy additional rental property with the rest of the little money that we have? Start a less worrisome business of some kind? Start a budget and use that somehow to accumulate more wealth before its time to leave? Realistic timeframe to
call it "quits". Is there a magic equation? We are not great savers. Never really think about money. We are lost, and get so much general and conficting information thrown at us. Thank you so much, Landon
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Finance
Expert:  PDtax replied 2 years ago.
Hi from just answer. I'm PDtax, and can assist.
I think you need more time from me than the deposit for services.
I will post an offer for 1 hour of planning. Accept, and I can start Tuesday morning.