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I have 2 shares of Disney stock dated May 8, 1997 on a Walt

Customer Question

I have 2 shares of Disney stock dated May 8, 1997 on a Walt Disney piece of stock what is it worth and do I cash it, if I want to?
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Finance
Expert:  Lane replied 3 years ago.

Lane :


Lane :

Disney Closed at 70 per share on Friday

Lane :

You can go to any broker... OR open up an account on line, sign the shares over to the account adn then just sell the shares

Lane :

Of if you'd feel better walking into say a scottrade office ( $7/trade) they have local offices

Lane :

hay have offices in :incoln and Omaha

Lane :

sory "Lincoln" and "Omaha"

Lane :

Also, here's some information on Disney :

Lane :


Lane :

I don't understand ... How can I help you?

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A poor rating not only keeps me from getting credit for my work, but affects my ratings here ... Is there something I can do to make you satisfied?

Lane :

still with me?

Lane :

OK, sorry I couldn't help you.... He answer to your questions is that 2 shares of Disney is work $140 and you can sell it at any brokerage... many times a bank, as well if they have a brokerage office

Lane :

I'll opt out now

Lane :

Have a good evening

Expert:  R. Klein, EA replied 3 years ago.
Hello and thanks for your question today.

If you owned shares of DIS on May 8, 1997, the stock split on June 19, 1998 on a 3 for one basis.

That means your 2 shares is now 6 shares.

As of Friday's close, your shares are worth 6 x 70 or $420 today.

You may sell your shares through any brokerage in the US.
Expert:  Lane replied 3 years ago.

As of the time of this posting, DIsney is at 69.89 per share.

IF you hold certificates, (there will be a CUSIP number in the upper, right quadrant of the paper), then the intervening expert's comment would most likely be correct.

IF, however, you have have purchased in a workplace plan, a dividend reinvestment plan or an account like sharebuilder where portions of shares can be purchased by saving, say, $25 per month (and Disney DOES allow this) it may not be so simple that you own six shares.

You could easily be looking at a statement that says Disney on it, DOES list when the first shares were bought, but are showing you the CURRENT number of shares.

If this is an account statement, then you can likely call the customer service number on the statement and they can sell the shares for you.

If this is an actual stock certificate, then yes, you can sell at any brokerage ... and again many larger banks such as Bankof America will have a brokerage division in the building.

Here's an excellent piece from the SEC about the various ways to hold stocks:

Just remember ...

CUSIP number = Stock Certificate

Account Number = Account holding the stock ... and the number of shares will be correct.

Positive feedback is appreciated. That's how we get credit for our work.