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Dimitry K., Esq.
Dimitry K., Esq., Attorney
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Dear Mr. Kaplan, My father found out about our first

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Dear Mr. Kaplan,
My father found out about our first house's deed possibly being held by a bank when he took a tenant to court for non-payment of rent. The judge stated that the bank had it/ deed; the judge also stated that technically he doesn't own the property. My family and I feel that this may not be an error. The address of our first house and the block & lot numbers are on the cover page. This possess a problem for my dad because he cannot complete any proceeding against tenants who don't pay their rent until we clear up this problem up.
This house was bought in the year of 1952 and my parents received satisfaction of the mortgage on March 1, 1960. He hasn't put any mortgages or loans on this house or any of our houses. It was a different bank that had the mortgage when I was a young child. The bank involved with the house now has never been involved with the house. My father is now at the district attorney trying to get to the bottom of this problem.
Thank you for your question, Carlotta, and thank you very much for requesting me to assist you again.

If I may ask, then who is being claimed as the owner? have you filed yet for 'quiet title' or you are still revieiwng your options?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Dear Mr. D Kaplan,

The Dime Savings bank was involved with the house and we received satisfaction of the mortgage On March 1, 1960. Banco Popular of North America is the bank involved and my father never had any involvement with the house and this bank.; we were told that Banco Popular has the deed. My dad has also paid all the property taxes.

Carlotta M Brown


Once the satisfaction took place, especially over 50 years ago, I am somewhat failing to see what interest your father or your family would have i the property. In that case once satisfied the issue is resolved because it is beyond the statutory period under which it can be challenged, unless I am missing something fundamental.

Good luck to you!

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