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Category: Finance
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Experience:  Law Degree, specialization in Tax Law and Corporate Law, CFP and MBA, Providing Financial & Tax advice since 1986
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I live in NYC, and have a business in NYC. Id like to avoid

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I live in NYC, and have a business in NYC. Id like to avoid the NYC 3L. If i move my business to nassau county and live in NY do i still pay the nyc 3L? If so is it avoided if business move and I move to nassau as well? Is there any way to avoid this un fair tax? If the business does move to long island and does avoid the NYC 3L, is it completely avoided or does it pay taxes for services conducted in NY

Lane :

Hi, here's the way NY puts it:

Lane :

A corporation (as defined in Section 11-

602.1 of the New York City Administra-

tive Code) doing business, employing

capital, or owning or leasing property in a

corporate or organized capacity, or main-

taining an office in New York City must

file Form NYC-3L if:

1) it maintains a regular place of busi-

ness outside of New York City, or for

taxable years beginning after

6/30/96, it carries on business both

inside and outside New York City;

2) it has subsidiary and/or investment


3) it claims an optional deduction for

depreciation in accordance with Sec-

tion 11-604.3(d) or (e) of the NYC

Admin. Code;

4) it claims an optional deduction for

expenditures relating to air pollution

control facilities, as provided in Sec-

tion 11-602.8(g) of the NYC Admin.


5) it claims a modification with respect

to gain arising from the sale of cer-

tain property, as provided in Section

11-602.8(h) of the NYC Admin. Code;

6) it is a real estate investment trust

qualified under Sections 856 and 857

of the Internal Revenue Code;

Lane :

It looks as if the "doing business in NY" piece is what will get you

Lane :

It might be worth calling the(NNN) NNN-NNNNCity-Tax dial, describe your situation (potential situation) and see if they say that qualifies as "doing business in NY"


Thank you.

Lane and other Finance Specialists are ready to help you

Thanks much.

Hope that helps