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bank transfer internationally

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My sister lives in a small town in the USA and I gave her my bank statement with bank address, my address, bic, iban, sort code and account number on it so she could do a bank transfer from the USA to Ireland. The bank said they could not do it and she was advised to send a certified check in the mail for 50,000. Why can the bank not do this, do smaller banks not have the capacity? Is there something I need to tell my sister to advise them? She is very upset over the whole matter so I wanted to make sure the bank told her the correct thing. My bank told me to provide all the details for her and there would be no problem. My brother in CA was able to transfer about 2O,OOO usd with no problem to my account and it only took about 3 days. Is the check option in the mail a safe thing to send in the post? This is for the purchase of a house.

Megan C : Hello and welcome to JustAnswer.
Megan C : Some smaller banks may not have the capability to do the wire transfer unfortunately.
Megan C : They would have to be set up to send money internationally

Okay so is the certified check the best option and is it safe to send


she may be using her credit union


how would you send it?

Megan C : A large bank such as Bank of America can do this

part of the problem is she is housebound and physically unwell so easiest option is best


i am almost certain it is a credit union.

Megan C : ahh I see. Yes some credit unions don't have this functionality

she has a raging temper so i need to know if certified check is best option for her


is this safe to send in the mail from the usa to europe?


your advice is imperative please and haste is imperative


if you do not feel this is an area of your expertise i can repost to my real estate lawyer

Megan C : well if you can't wire the funds then you will have to send the check

is it safe to send a check of this amount?


do people actually do this?


could she arrange for the credit union to do it locally through another bank?



Megan C : Yes people actually send checks of that amount

Could someone intercept it and cash it?

Megan C : the credit union won't typically go through another bank unless they are set up that way
Megan C : no, no one can cash if but the person it's made out to

Hi I would like to repost this question to Richard Real Estate lawyer.

Megan C : Ok. Would you like for me to opt out? I'm not sure he's in finance

yes please do so and I will delete the question via the moderator

Megan C : ok

Hi, there's no reason you can do this via one of the commercial transfer services, such as the following:

Overseas Money Transfers -‎


International Wire Transfer - Wire Foreign Business Payments‎



Also, she can get a certified check from her bank, if they simply don't have the capacity (some smaller local banks do not, as the subscription to these services are not inexpensive and they just don't do enough of it to be profitable) and take the money to a Bankof America or one of the other large banks and do a wire transfer from there.




Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Can she do use those services by phone? I need to find out if it is a credit union and if she has a bank account she could transfer it to and wire it from there. As she is unwell, asking basic questions is difficult. The problem is she is largely housebound almost 100%. If she sends a certified check, how long would it likely take to clear in your experience? I was going to make an offer on a house and I thought international checks could take up to 6-8 weeks. If I can deposit a certified check and it can go in within a few weeks only perhaps given her condition this is the best option. She is not good using the internet either.

A certified check will clear fairly quickly, as it is always good funds (longer from a US bank, but should be days and not weeks).

What you might consider is FedEx for sending the check ... Can get it to you very quickly that way.

Here's their rate and transit time checker:

And on the phone question, I only know that IO have had clients tell me that US Forex is very simple to use ... they may be able to do this by providing a routing transit number and account number (as in a voided check) from her account.

However, to do it that way they would need a signature. ... Further, don't know if they will do it, but it is now legal, since the 1990 Electronic signature act, to do those kinds of forms via fax.
Category: Finance
Satisfied Customers: 12675
Experience: Law Degree, specialization in Tax Law and Corporate Law, CFP and MBA, Providing Financial & Tax advice since 1986
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

You are a genius, the best help I have had thanks so much Lane! Laughing


... made my day