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Category: Finance
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Experience:  Law Degree, specialization in Tax Law and Corporate Law, CFP and MBA, Providing Financial & Tax advice since 1986
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I am about to introduce a CEO to a hedge fund for potential

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I am about to introduce a CEO to a hedge fund for potential patent litigation financing. I will play not only an introductory role but will be the expert in laying out the infringement arguments (I am a registered patent attorney). Where can I get the appropriate documents so that I am paid on a contingency basis (a percentage of whatever revenues are generated from the litigation campaign?)

Lane :

What state are you in?

Customer: Cali.
Lane :

RicketLawyer has a good interview method for generating agreements

Lane :

"Rocket ..."

Lane :

Would certaily put in an separate acknowledgement line/w signature to eliminate any conflict of interest/w hgedge fund

Lane :

Make sure it's clear who you're representng

Lane :


Lane :

Your bad service rating affects my rating and my pay .... how about a little dialogue first

Customer: Ok - ideally I want a completed doc. I don't want guidelines, just the document which I'll modify for things like revenue sharing percentages.
Lane :


Lane :

We're done


Mistake Lane - I'm fixing it


was on my iphone

Lane :

Did you not see the first one I provided?


hold tight.

Lane :

Ahhh, thank you

Lane :

sorry try again

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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

ok - am back on the laptop. i tried responding on my iphone and somehow screwed up.


i think i corrected the rating mistake. let me know otherwise.


i will get back to you when i look over what you sent...




Customer: replied 3 years ago.

do you know anyone who has experience with this sort of agreement (anything similar?)

You did... thanks.

Yes, my iPhone and iPad don't really work well here, for some reason...tends to truncate AND repeat...

THose were both CA docs... but let me know.

2nd one seed to be more exhaustive, rather than just a template, but that might be good.

Generally, this is a good site...

Let me know

I can dig some more


Sorry, looks like our posts crossed ...

Not personally, would you like me to see who I can find here?

The person is approved here for intellectual property law, and has always excellent, in my opinion.

Very experienced.