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Can you refresh my memory at how to calculate the energy cost

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Can you refresh my memory at how to calculate the energy cost of an appliance? I believe it's a physics equation using watts, voltage and time and eventually cost per watt or something similar.

mathwhiz123 : kwh is a unit of energy defined by the kilowatt multiplied by the hours it is used a kilowatt is 1k watts a watt is a measure of power, joules per second, so watt = voltage * current this is the power supplied to the devicethen use the fact the device is used for 30 days to calculate the amount of hours it is used for then just multiply the tow values together to get ur KWH
mathwhiz123 : Kwh = kilowatt hours

What I would need is to determine how many watts (or thousandth or a watt) is used per hour and and at what cost, so I can log how many hours I ran an appliance (air conditioner) so I can deduct an estimate o taxes for rental use.


By the way, does your display limit view of the message history to a single line? I can't expand mine

mathwhiz123 : You should be able to scroll the message history down
mathwhiz123 : You would have to find out how many hours you used your appliance
mathwhiz123 : howappliance how many watts per hour it uses
mathwhiz123 : then you have to find out what the rate your are billed per kilowatt hour (the usual unit they use)
mathwhiz123 : then you should be able to find out how much it costs to run that appliance.
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