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Rakhi Vasavada
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Church Inc. is presently enjoying relatively high growth

Customer Question

Church Inc. is presently enjoying relatively high growth because of a surge in the demand for its new product. Management expects earnings and dividends to grow at a rate of 25% for the next 4 years, after which competition will probably reduce the growth rate in earnings and dividends to zero, i.e., g = 0. The company's last dividend, D0, was $1.25, its beta is 1.20, the market risk premium is 5.50%, and the risk-free rate is 3.00%. What is the current price of the common stock?
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Finance
Expert:  Rakhi Vasavada replied 4 years ago.
rakhivasavada :

Dear Friend, Hello and welcome...

rakhivasavada :

This can be worked out as under:

rakhivasavada :

Required Rate of Return r(m) = r(f) + b r(p), where r(f) is the risk free rate and the r(p) is the risk premium and b is beta and therefore:

r(m) = 3.00 + 1.20 * 5.5 = 9.6%.

rakhivasavada :

Hence current price P(0),
= D1/(1+k) +D2/(1+k)^2 + D3/(1+k)^3 + D4/(1+k)^4 + P4/(1+k)^4
D1 = D0 * 1.25 = 1.25*1.25 = 1.25^2
D2 = 1.25D1 = 1.25^3
D3 = 1.25D2 = 1.25^4
D4 = 1.25D3 = 1.25^5
D5 = 1*D4 = 1.25^5 (g = 0, so (1+g) =1)
P4 = D5/k = 1.25^5/0.096
So, P(0)
= 1.25^2/1.096 +1.25^3/1.096^2 +1.25^4/1.096^3 +1.25^5/1.096^4 +1.25^5/(0.096*1.096^4)
= 29.05

rakhivasavada :

I am sure this would help...

rakhivasavada :

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