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What is the dollar size of the DUI "industry"...?

Customer Question

What is the dollar size of the collective DUI / DWI "industry" in the United States? That is, considering all the money that is generated from, e.g.: tickets issued for Driving Under the Influence / Driving While Intoxicated; dollars paid to attorneys to defend or prosecute DUI/DWI cases; tax dollars paid to local, county, or other centers of incarceration for the detainment of individuals accused of or convicted of DUI/DWI; dollars paid to probation centers for those convicted of DUI/DWI; dollars paid to counseling centers and behavioral specialists by court order for DUI/DWI convictions; dollars paid under court order to Mothers Against Drunk Drivers (MADD) for mandatory courses offenders must take, etc...?   IS there a measure of the dollar size of this industry? And if there is a larger or smaller measure of what the DUI/DWI industry encompasses, what is that measure and how large is it?

Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Finance
Expert:  Rakhi Vasavada replied 4 years ago.

rakhivasavada :

Dear Friend, Hello and welcome..

rakhivasavada :

As you must be fully aware, while being decided guilty for DUI, there are host of factors that are considered.

rakhivasavada :

The biggest factor in determining your DUI fines is your past drunk driving record. Typically, the fines for first time DUI offenses are less costly than multiple offenses. The actual amount of your fine will depend on your state dui laws.

A first time DUI offense usually falls between $500 - $1000. If you get a second or third DUI, the fines will be much higher. The fine for a repeat offenders can be up to $15,000 and evIn higher

rakhivasavada :

Having said this, there is no single source which will give you the total size in dollar terms of this. FURTHER it is also virtually impossible to track lawyers fees who charge to defend such offenders as they vary from state to state and place to place with so any factors influencing this

rakhivasavada :

Ihope this helps...

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