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Bozeman Corporation manufactures a single product. Monthly

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Bozeman Corporation manufactures a single product. Monthly production costs incurred in the manufacturing process are shown below for the production of 3,400 units. The utilities and maintenance costs are mixed costs.The fixed portions of these costs are $430 and $372, respectively.

Production in Units 3,400
Production Costs
Direct materials $7,493
Direct labor 14,998
Utilities 1,892
Property taxes 1,009
Indirect labor 7,803
Supervisory salaries 1,751
Maintenance 1,188
Depreciation 2,449

Direct materials Variable

Direct labor Variable

Utilities Mixed

Property taxes Fixed

Indirect labor Variable

Supervisory salaries Fixed

Maintenance Mixed

Depreciation Fixed

Calculate the expected costs when production is 5,000 units. (Round intermediate calculations to 2 decimal places, e.g. 12.25. Round answer to 0 decimal places, e.g. 125.)

2. In the month of March, New Day Spa services 632 clients at an average price of $280. During the month, fixed costs were $57,792 and variable costs were 60% of sales.
Contribution margin in dollars
Contribution margin per unit
Contribution margin ratio
Using the contribution margin technique, compute the break-even point in dollars and in units.
Break-even point in dollars
Break-even point in units
I have $176960 for the Contribution margin. I have tried several times and cannot come up with the correct answer. Please show the work for these two problems.

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Here you go. Please click on the following link for the solutions:

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