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Taxtom, Accountant
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I am not sure what catagory this falls under. My husband was

Customer Question

I am not sure what catagory this falls under. My husband was recently let go of his job and I am the only source of income to the family. Cobra is going to cost us approximately $2000.00 a month which there is no way we can afford it. I have Lupus and RA, I am working with a broken foot at this time and I do have quite a bit of medical bills, I was having infusions at the hospital here in Houston every 6 weeks and they charge my insurance approximately $24,000.00 which I am responsible for my co-insurance, I am paying the hospital $200.00 a month along with my monthly medications and our regular normal monthly bills and cannot afford the $2000.00 a month, I have tried all different government departments and there is no help unless I file for bankrupcy..Please is there somewhere I can go for help!!!!!
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Finance
Expert:  Taxtom replied 5 years ago.

Taxtom :

Hello, I can not find any organization that will help pay your Cobra insurance. A suggestion is that first review your coverage and see if you can get a more affordable plan by dropping options such as dental or eyecare. Next if you have no children then I would see if you can drop all but yourself from the policy so that your current medical cost are covered. I can see if you could be covered by government programs but I need to know how much you are currently making and what state you live. Thanks Tom

Customer :

I live in Houston, Texas and make approximately $52,000.00 a year, I receive no benefits with my job...the Cobra is through my husband's which was laid off on 9/6/11, unfortunately I cannot drop him, myself or our daughter. I was told by a friend that I could call the insurance company and that (in fine print) they can give you an indivdual policy but they will not cover very much but they covered her chemo but not doctor visits or any "out of the ordinary test or bloodwork". So it seems I am stuck and will have to sale a kidney to pay for Cobra is pretty much it. So basically, I am not rich and not poor, just out of luck...what a country...

Taxtom :

Your income is to high to qualify for any help in your area. You can ask the hospital to forgive some of the charges because of the changes in your circumstances. The $2000 a month does seem excesssive but you might check and see if you can find a private policy to cover your daughter, by droping the family part of your policy your premiums should drop by 30 to 40%. The reason a family policy is so high is they do not know if they will be covering a family of three or a family of 12.