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Help for parents

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Sept 03 my parents ask me to help them move near me from Florida. They also asked for help as they needed it so we agreed on money for moving them plus $150 a week to help them as they continue to need help. My mother went into nursing home 5 years ago . My father went into same one in November. At the first of the year I paid myself for all the work I have done and asked for Medcaid assistance. Will I have a problem because of this?

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The only potential problem area is that you may be questioned about the money you paid yourself for the "work I have done". If this is deemed appropriate for their care then it will be allowed. You should be sure you have records to substantiate everything if it is questioned. If it is not allowed you may be asked to repay this to the nursing home before Medicaid will take over the bills.

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Customer: replied 6 years ago.

i realy do not have records because i did not know medical would be involed. but we always tried to go same days of each week. plus i was paying myself far less then we could hire it for.and we always got called out most weeks. at first it was not more than 2 days a week. but ina short period of time we where there 3 times aweek. there food was taken care of what we did was take them to the doctors, shopping, and other appointment . help keep there apartment clean, chech there mediicine and blood presure my wife is rn. some times they justed us there. but when we were there we always busy. we ckeck on a service to do these things and they thought it would be 300, and up a weeks, and drining then around was evrn

mmore money. will they accept this. plus canj only talk about in last 5 years or is it look at because it just before asking medical help. could get someone to help throught this .

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
will medciad accept my way of records. and will they what i did astaken care of themshouldmi charge more to give myself roon to come down because it work to about 12.50 and hour that pretty low. can i get someone be hire get me throught yhis.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
is there a way i can word this su they will accept this
Although there is no specific wording needed, you should detail, on a weekly basis, the hours spent and the costs you incurred. Then they will be able to see the efforts behind this. They will compare it to the cost of getting outside help and, if reasonable, allow it.
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